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  • 08apr2019

    LoRa trial: north path log begun to start near Rondissone
    Testing coverage coming back from Milan showing a NLOS profile:

  • 04apr2019

    LoRa trial news update: new record!
    I changed the frequency and used a self made 2el collinear antenna on the car, getting more than 41km:

    The antenna and the landscape of the link:
  • 12mar2019

    LoRa trial news: new record!
    More than 29km:
  • 11mar2019

    LoRa trial news: frequency and parameters change
    After a long time testing on 433MHz, i never reached the wanted target. The range was always too much short than expected. This seems due to a great noise floor and interferences on the 433 ISM band at the gateway premise. Few weeks ago i decided to install a second gateway working on the 868MHz ISM band. After many tests i got the best results using these parameters:
    - Frequency: 865200kHz
    - Channel bandwidth of 62.5kHz
    - SF 9
    Here is the snapshot of the best tracking of about 25km:

    SF 9 is the right SF number to send the payload needed for tracking infos in a reasonable time; so to enhance the coverage, i have only two options:
    - to narrow the channel bandwidth to 20.8kHz (width interesting also to be compliant width the HAM channel spacing) gaining about 4db. The intervention isn't so easy because che poor components used on the sensor device introduce a clock drift that cause the lost of alignement between the two station, breaking the demodulation process. Higher quality components and/or a support of TCXO will be investigated for better performances;
    - build a well-tuned collinear antenna of 5dbi on the tracker side; and this will be done soon.

    Infos will be published when available.
    Arduino sketch and configs are available on demand.
  • 28dec2018

    The first Ham LoRa application server in Turin is UP & Running!
    Tuned on 433.375MHz, a LoRa gateway built with the Dragino hardware has been set up in Torre Bert. It's open for testing purposes. The basic modulation parameters to use are:
    * the channel bandwidth of 20.8KHz
    * the spreading factor of 8
    A structured data record must be composed to have a live monitoring displayed in real time at this LoRa application server. For the test i used a 'tracking sensor' based on ARDUINO with GPS and a LoRa shield. Now the server is under maintenance for internal debug use. When bug will be fixed, it will look like the 'APRS.fi' in displaying the received tracking sensors; Chrome is the better browser to access this service. The first running version will be announced in few days. If interested in trying to use, write me an email.

    Have fun with IoT wireless communication!
  • 24jul2017
    Offroad experience in fighting digital divide!
    These two movies show the hard way till the technohut.org site.

  • 31may2017
    Offroad experience in fighting digital divide!
    The movie has been replaced with those made in july.

  • 30mar2017
    Drone video recording trial in towers sites
    A second movie featured a "tower inspection". During the mission, in unknown condition/position, strong EM fields disrupted the gimball control causing the need to land and reset the device. The effects are recorded in the movie starting at 5'34"

  • 30mar2017
    Drone video recording trial in towers sites
    The movie was captured during the trial in La Morra (Cuneo). It was a sunny day.

  • 07feb2017
    Drone video recording trial in towers sites
    The movie was captured during the trial in Tracciolino (Biella). It was a windy day; so the gimball stabilization feature has been stressed. Proximity recording has been delayed to avoid flight crash!

  • 16jun2015
    One more DMR repeater in Piemonte!
    The new repeater temporary named IZ1EZN (DMR call ID 222103) on the DMR-ITALIA net is active from Frabosa Soprana (CN) JN34VG. It uses the following frequencies: 430.912500Mhz shift +5MHz.
    Look at the IZ1EZN repeater log
  • 08jun2015
    The first DMR repeater in Turin activated!
    The HAM digital communication network grows and new radio techniques (DMR ETSI
    TS 102 361-1: the DMR air interface protocol
    TS 102 361-2: the DMR voice and generic services and facilities
    TS 102 361-3: the DMR data protocol
    TS 102 361-4: the DMR trunking protocol)
    are introduced aside of the D-Star experience!

    The new repeater temporary named I1YRB (DMR call ID 222102) on the DMR-ITALIA net is active from Torino JN35UA. According to Roberto, IK1JTD that started the DMR in Piemonte @Mongardino (AT), we use the same couple of frequencies: 430.962500Mhz shift +5MHz.
    The repeater is linked to the global network (regional/national/international) via a "c-bridge" software facility.
    Usefull links:
    the c-bridge live traffic at the monitor page
    the I1YRB repeater log
    the DMR-Italia repeater list
    the Italy repeater full list

    Many thanks to IK0YYY and IK1JTD to support this new adventure!
  • 05nov2014
    New WebSDR server added
    Fighting for simple, inexpensive, low energy and networked solutions i tried to build the cheapest websdr server without quality compromise! I got this thanks to the following components and software:
    Raspberry PI (RPI) model B ARM system
    High definition audio for RPI Wolfson card to sample 192 kHz stereo @ 24 bit
    Radios through RF SoftRock sampler
    The original WebSDR software.
    The antenna is a Maxiwhip.

    Listen to rpi.ham.radio.it, tuned on variable frequencies (i.e. 14150kHz now).

    Others local WebSDR sites:
    40m websdr.ham.radio.it (only Java, not HTML5 enabled)
    80m websdr-next.ham.radio.it (WebSDR rel. 11 so HTML5 enabled)

    Access the WebSDR.org site for updated servers list.
  • 18aug2014
    New D-Star repeater - IR1UDI - activated!
    In this page, you can read the repeater details and see the usage log.
    Repeater status and last heard users can be seen here. IR1UDI links are permanently added in the 'Look at...' section of ham.radio.it home.
    Ask to IK1WNQ and I1EPJ for any additional info

    ** The D-Star Piemonte regional network GROWS! Follow it on XRF027 **
  • 31mar2014
    Please take care about the change! All naming is moved under 'HAM', a third layer domain:


    If you experience some problem on accessing hosts and services, please don't hesitate to contact me by e-mail to i1yrb@ham.radio.it Thank you and 73. bob
  • 24jan2014
    New D-Star repeater - IR1UII - activated!
    In this page, you can read the repeater details and see the usage log.
    Repeater status and last heard users can be seen here. IR1UII links are permanently added in the 'Look at...' section of ham.radio.it home. Special thanks to Giorgio, IZ1RTF, for his kind support!
  • As stated on the AIR-Radiorama blog, a balloon launch took place. This is the logged image of the participation:

    And this is the last about SP3OSJ:

    Dan, YO3GGX, released the new powerful Android APP
    pocketRxTX v0.6
    Now it enables the access to multiple websdr servers

    NEW Webcam global mosaic view added (see the left menu)

    NEW phase of DRM30 test on 5 MHz started. A voice announce is transmitted ("CSP Supercomputing Center of Torino - This is a test of Internet of Things"). The transmission include a MOT service for sensors data delivery including an image coming from the wireless link of a weather station at Ciardoney glacier.

    NEW D-Star repeater IR1BZ added to the digital regional network. Look at the left table for specific links.

    The first italian WebSDR site activated!
    Click here to tune and listen your preferred station on 7000-7192 kHz band
    or here to tune and listen on 3590-3782 kHz band.

    (Please sign-in with your call, TNX!)

    First digiRadio stable release v1.2 available!
    (Download and try following this LINK)

    If the tuned frequency is 162.687500 you are looking at a DMR test. At this time only RadioMonitor authorized users can listen tuning on Pino.ham.radio.it site.
    When the tuned frequency is 5 MHz, the frequency of IBF, you are looking at new DRM30 test for sensors data transmission (IoT from CSP)
    In other cases, you can try click here to listen

    (using winamp or vlc player)
    Real time HiperLan
    5 GHz @ Torre Bert site
    (need browser with Java plugin enabled) D-Star IR1CJ georeferenced map

    Breaking NEWS!

    • 05may2012
      XXX AIR meeting
      The XXX AIR meeting has been held in Turin last saturday, 5 may 2012.

      Here you can access to my contribution. More contents will be published directly from AIR, so visit the official site.
    • 11nov2011
      IBF on 5 MHz
      IBF .....is coming back!
      (Read and see about it here)
    • 11sep2011
      D-Star DD NLOS access test on 1282.5 MHz!
      The test performed successfully!
      The user in Chialamberto (Valli di Lanzo) at 884 m. a.s.l. set a stable connection to Monte Turu LAN gateway at 1321 m. a.s.l.
      Both sites used ICOM ID-1 8w out radios.
      The antennas system based on Comet mobile SB94 (7.2 dbi gain, user side) and GP-21 (14.9 dbi gain, gateway side).
      The distance is 18.1 Km completely in hard NLOS as showed in the following image

    • 18nov2010
      New D-Star DD 1282.5 MHz access node activated!
      An ID-1 in DD mode and GP21 antenna has been installed in JN35QG. If interested in setting up the first "IP DX" on 1200 MHz band, you should have to contact me for technical info and enabling procedure.

      Try it NOW!

    • 12nov2010
      New D-Star repeater - IR1UCB - activated!
      In this page, you can read the repeater details and see the usage log.
      Repeater status and last heard users can be seen here. IR1UCB links are permanently added in the 'Look at...' section of ham.radio.it home. Special thanks to Vittorio, IW1DUH, for hosting the node in a beautiful place!
    • 20sep2010
      Seismic Precursors observatory at Pontese dew!
      In this page, managed by Renato, IK1QFK, you can read about the project and have pointers to VLF network resources.
    • 26jul2010
      New D-Star repeater - IR1ALB - activated!
      In this page, you can read the repeater details and see the usage log.
      Images of the site, simulated coverage and friends at work are published in the D-Star gallery here.
      Repeater status and last heard users can be seen here. IR1ALB links are permanently added in the 'Look at...' section of ham.radio.it home.
    • 18may2010
      Simultaneous realtime spectrum view
      In this page, the spectrum acquired in Torino and Pino can be see in parallel allowing to compare signal strenght.
      In case of radio operations, the tuned frequencies may be different. So to obtain again the same view you need the access via 'Radiomonitor client' in order to align the windows.
    • 15may2010
      Web access to realtime spectrum view is available!
      The spectrum acquired can be see directly from your browser. The following locations are provided:
      Remember: Frequency tuning is available only to authorized users of 'Radiomonitor client'.

    Logged NEWS

    • 29apr2010
      Spectrum view added to radiomonitor client!
      The "spectrum button" on the right of the client now is operational. Install the software and follow the instructions explained at the following URL
    • 18feb2010
      Torino-Nord new webcam stream available!
      The continuous stream may be accessed by the 'Interesting links' section
    • 07dec2009
      IR1BL webcam stream available!
      The continuous stream may be accessed by the 'Interesting links' section
    • 05dec2009
      IR1BL webcam addon!
      A webcam has been installed at IR1BL site. Full continuous stream is active (soon available to everybody) and event driven snapshots are taken and stored.
    • 12oct2009
      T2Italy1 update!
      The APRS Tier 2 server for I1 zone, has been activated also on IPv6 network with 2001:848:0:3::2 address and server-v6.ham.radio.it name.
    • 11jul2009
      1200 MHz DD-only 128 kbps 44net access service enhanced
      The service already available since 08apr2009 has been moved in a better location for wide area coverage. Every OM interested in testing the long-haul IP DX, can ask me for configuration details and login. Here the supposed coverage in the -97 to -37 dbm range.
    • 27jun2009
      1285 MHz DD D-Star service added to IR1CJ
      The ID-1 owners can now access the network using the new module. The service is quite different from the announced one in the 08apr2009 news. So every interested user has to ask to the d-star team for having access. Thanks to Andrea (IW1GAP) for his nice (and heavy 8-) job!
    • 24jun2009
      Download section updated
      DRM Dream 1.11b build for win32, ready to be installed.
    • 20jun2009
      Pino.ham.radio.it: the remotized-receiver network grows!
      To access you must download the client and ask me for the login account.
    • 07jun2009
      Projects and Downloads sections updated
      Alix system configuration and setup utilities published.
    • 12may2009
      GARnet project is taking off!
      The first area site in IVREA has been connected to the regional 44net backbone. Contact IZ1MHN for more details and info about coverage and access procedures.
    • 08apr2009
      1200 MHz DD @ 128 Kbps IP access activated!
      The first brick of the regional IP 44 ham radio data network has been set. Any interested OM under the IR1CJ coverage can ask the sysop team for instructions and access the service. Thanks to IK1AQI for his patience and contribution in the setup test phase!
    • 28feb2009
      IR1CJ fully operational.
      Please send us e-mail if something seems still to be wrong. Good bye dear old IR1TB !
    • 10feb2009
      due to authorization statements IR1TB must change the callsign in IR1CJ!
      The work around will take place on saturday 21. So users, to address the repeater, will have to change their radio RPT parameters.
      Furthermore some service trouble may occur on international D-Star links in the next few days.
      The sysop team apologize to you about this and hope the change will be the final one. SORRY AGAIN!
    • 06feb2009
      IR1TB RF power lowered down of 10db.
      Please send e-mail in case of critical working conditions.
    • 26jan2009
      IR1TB REFlector08 linked!
      Every day from 8 pm till 11 pm and all day long on saturday and sunday you hear and transmit on the Italian D-Star network.
    • 09jan2009
      IR1TB D-Star SWL service!
      You can hear to IR1TB module C (144.9875 MHz, 2 meter band) without any DONGLE simply using MP3 player (i.e. winamp).
    • 03jan2009
      IR1TB ALERT!
      IR1UCW repeater transmissions heard on the access frequency of IR1TB (145.9875 MHz). This can be origin of access collisions and reason of sensitivity loss and worst D-Star service quality. The problem will be faced by the IR1TB sysop team

    Listen to...

    • UHF 431.325
      (Montoso repeater) as heard in Nole (JN35SF)
    • IK1XHT-L
      Universita' di Torino by IK1QLD
    • Any frequency!
      CSP RadioMonitor free client required (available in the 'Downloads' section)

    Look at...

    APRS services

    Interesting links

    • VLF receiver
      VLF receiver in 45°29'45.42"N 7°22'08.90"E 2200 m a.s.l.
    • I1YRB
      Personal site
    • AIR
      Associazione Italiana Radioascolto
    • AIR blogspot
      Blogspot sul radioascolto
    • AIRE
      Radio d'Epoca
    • AIRE Piemonte
      Radio d'Epoca - Piemonte
    • ARI
      Associazione Radioamatori Italiani
      ARI Piemonte e Valle d'Aosta
    • ARI Torino
      ARI sezione di Torino
    • CISAR
      Centro Italiano Sperimentazione Attivita' Radiantistiche
    • RNRE
      Raggruppamento Nazionale Radiocomunicazioni Emergenza



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